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Which comes first, inbound social media marketing or outbound campaigns? | April 30, 2012

Let’s not get so carried away with social media and the latest buzzword, inbound marketing that we forget about traditional marketing such as email, direct mail, pay per click, and telemarketing. It takes awhile for social media to work and to generate a fanbase significant enough to generate consistent leads and prospects. Ideally, they should be done simultaneously as cross channel marketing is a best practice strategy.  The highest ROI of any marketing activity in recent years is email marketing.  So why not start there? There are several issues with email marketing.  First, most companies only do email marketing to their permission email list, primarily consisting of customer/clients.  We certainly recommend those type of campaigns regularly and you can conduct them in FANfare Social Media.  But what about outbound email prospecting campaigns? That’s a little trickier because you need to identify a targeted email list source and either acquire it or rent them, you need a different method of sending emails because sending to people who don’t know you generates increased spam, potential blacklisting, and a lot of junk mail and undeliverable issues when you send HTML based emails, and all that hurts your reputation or could even take your domain down if a blacklister decides to do so. Of course you need the knowledge to create compliant emails also and someone who can continually create content. All that is a pretty tall order.  But not with FANfare Social Media.  FANfare includes a targeted email list, includes a fantastic message creation process that literally creates hundreds of email messages for you, and even delivers them ongoing at periodic intervals without a resource involved.  We believe that type of outbound marketing capability will help you continually engage with potential prospects to find new fans and followers and increase your social media audience to make your social media efforts more successful.  You can also assign a telemarketing resource to followup on the email campaigns upon identification of the open and click responders.  So when it comes to this chicken and egg question, we believe you need to start with outbound marketing to enhance the effectiveness and consistency of your inbound social media programs.  What do you think? Find out about our automated email leadgen campaigns at


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