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Direct posting versus posting from an app | April 30, 2012

Can you get more social media interactions from direct posts than posting from an app? Haven’t seen an official study on this yet.  I read a few comments from people who tested it and said that they received 10-15% more interactions via direct posting.  If that is all it is then I would be more concerned about how much extra time you spend logging in to multiple accounts for direct posts.  Remember, your time is money.  Unless you can see significant interaction improvements that can be measured over time, your time is worth more.  Automating those posts to multiple social networks more frequently, with more content, may be more valuable.  Also, if you can create more posts over time with relevant content, you may get those interaction losses back and it becomes a wash.  Also, some of those comments about preferring direct posting are coming from consultants who want your business.  If you get it in your head that you need them because there is too much labor involved,- that benefits them. What do you think? Here’s why we favor saving hours of content time through automated social campaigns at


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