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Content is king when it comes to social media. | April 30, 2012

The more sophisticated your social media strategy, the more social networks and blogs you have, the larger your social media audience, the more often you will wish to engage them and the more content you need to create. Not many people are good enough to continually create unique comment on a very frequent basis over time.  The more the better.  But at the same time, we recommend a mixture of unique content and repeating content.  Some social media experts will disagree.  But consider this.  Certainly a key them of content might be education, or perhaps product/service related.  There are only so many education and training tips you can list, and only so many benefits and features that you provide.  Once you have those written down in a list, certainly it makes sense that you post them on your blogs and social networks.  But why only post them once?  Do you want to just tell them once about a particular benefit or training tip, or do you want to remind them periodically?  We believe it is the latter.  If that is the case, then ideally you need a solution that will continually post and repost these piece of content, mixed in with your unique content posts, and scheduled on a reasonable interval periodically over time.  At least that makes sense to me.  Do you have a solution that lets you create the content once, schedule it, and then not worry about it for the next six months, or even longer? Take a look at how we save many hours with our automated social campaigns.


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