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Are you concerned about how to continually create content? | April 30, 2012

Content is king in social media. Some people have a knack for creating it and some don’t. But I think you would agree that you have to have someone on your team who is at least reasonably good at it. Otherwise you will never have adequate marketing and sales materials and they will never get updated. So let’s just assume you at least have someone that can create content at an acceptable level. Whether you have multiple social networks and blogs to manage or if you are getting started, FANfare Social Media is the solution you need to help minimize the content to be created, to minimize the posting onto all the various destinations, and to minimize your total labor time and scheduling.  Scheduling is an often overlooked problem.  You need to know when to post your content, to which networks, at what time, and whether they can be re-posted again in the future.  Scheduling is not any fun at all.  Unless you have FANfare Social Media. Let’s take two examples. First, let’s suppose you utilize our automated Campaign feature in the quickest, easiest type of campaign.  Just make a list of your top 20-50 benefits and features in a word document, then login to FANfare, go to our Fan Creation Center, select Campaigns, select the Benefit/Feature campaign, copy your word info into the system, select the recommended frequency to be sent, and voila!, you are in business.  What just happened?  You just scheduled your 20-50 Benefits and Features to automatically sequentially post at a certain time, let’s say daily, then start all over again, and again, and again. It is designed to post to all your selected social networks simultaneously. Or maybe you have training tips and could set up an automated campaign for that too.  Very powerful FANfare feature. Let’s take a second example.  Suppose you have someone who is good at creating content.  We have such a resource.  They created a list of 30 different blog topics or questions, each that consists of maybe several paragraphs of information.  Then each of the blog topics and info is entered into FANfare where you can select when to post it to your blog and your facebook fan page, and even when to periodically repost it again on a schedule such as quarterly for example. Next you can take each content post again and create a one liner for the topic with a url reference to your blog where it resides, enter it into FANfare and this time select it to be sent to Twitter, again on a future schedule with reposting at whatever periodic intervals you wish.  Based on our own estimates of the total time to identify the 30 topics, create the content for each, post in FANfare and schedule them, then reformat again for the Twitter format and schedule them, it was all done in about 12 hours.  Wow! Let’s consider what just happened here.  In a day and a half of work time, you were able to use FANfare to leverage your content writer’s talent to create an entire schedule of social network content postings for the next several months at least.  Even longer if your posts have longer intervals between posting. Impressive? Now that person can invest some time for the ad hoc assignments that come up, do other marketing tasks, or take a three day holiday.  Can you do this now? If not, check out our video to see how we do automated social campaigns at



  1. I dont know what to say. This blog is fantastic. Thats not really a really huge statement, but its all I could come up with after reading this. You know so much about this subject. So much so that you made me want to learn more about it. Your blog is my stepping stone, my friend. Thanks for the heads up on this subject.

    Comment by Lanfranco Sal — May 22, 2012 @ 5:09 pm

    • Hi, sorry for my late reply. Somehow I missed your comment until now. Just found it as I was reviewing some older ones. Thanks for your feedback. It is greatly appreciated. Let me know how I can be of further assistance. Hope to hear from you again.

      Comment by fanfaresocialmedia — June 7, 2012 @ 4:27 pm

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