FANfare Social Media

What’s so special about FANfare Social Media | April 15, 2012

If you engage in social media discussions with users who have apps to help manage all their social accounts, you will quickly find that most people use solutions like hootsuite and tweetdeck and sprout social.  Those are the three most common we see. If you research deep enough you feel find some hootsuite users who have found sendible and laud the extra features and benefits beyond that of hootsuite and others. That brings us to FANfare Social Media.

FANfare integrates all the features of sendible but goes far beyond.  How about an entire email campaign module with a targeted email list for your audience that automatically sends emails messages a little each day without your involvement?  That will continually help increase your fan base. Very valuable.  But also, FANfare has a similar capability for generating social media content posts.  Let’s say you have 50 product features and benefits to share, and another 20 training tips, and 30 daily teaser questions to post. You can set up three automated campaigns in FANfare that will either randomly or sequentially post and schedule all your content in advance at whatever frequency makes sense, and even repost continually to whichever social networks make sense, and it will even adjust the formatting requirements for the different networks such as twitter. Beat that! So now you have a daily teaser question posting, a daily product benefit or feature tip posting, and a training tip posting.  Would this would be valuable? See how FANfare works at



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